Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

As oil prices rise, energy costs are rising well into the future. It is no surprise people are looking for alternative energy solutions, such as solar photovoltaic, LED lighting, and energy efficient cooling systems. One popular and effective way to really increase energy efficiency is with an electric vehicle (EV). With an electric car, the cost of driving would likely decrease by 75%, assuming the cost of the electricity is $0.12/kWh. The average savings would be around $1,600 a year, assuming 15,000 miles driven per year.

Top Choice Electric is the Valley's leader in electric vehicle charger installation, home or office, any and all models, from BMW to Tesla. We have been chosen as a Preferred Home Charger Installer for Tesla Motors Club. We are also listed by Tesla as a Preferred Home Charging Installation provider. This means we have been trained to install Tesla charging equipment and adhere to strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation
Warning! If you’re considering doing some electrical work on your home, please heed this word of caution. Working on your electrical system can be extremely hazardous if you don't have proper experience and expertise. Electrical work is NOT for the novice do-it-yourselfer. While it’s certainly possible for an amateur to add an outlet or replace a light switch with a dimmer switch, doing much more probably means hiring a licensed electrician. We want you to be safe! Please give us a call and we would love to help.