Electrical Panel Upgrades & Service

Is the main electrical panel sized properly for your home?

With today's convenient appliances and lifestyle electronics, our homes are asked to provide for increasing electrical power. In some cases, the power in homes thirty years ago is now the power we need just to run our kitchens. An electrical service that's too small can cause serious hazards and most homes today require at least a 200 Amp main electrical service. The last thing you want is an undersized electrical service panel that could potentially shut everything down!

What is an electrical service panel upgrade?

A panel upgrade increases electrical capacity. When service to your home or business is upgraded or changed, that capacity is increased—standard electrical panels can provide 100, 150, 200, 325, 400, 600 or 800 amps of power, allowing the potential for more circuits to be added. The upgrade service is performed to replace outdated electric panel equipment. It improves the safety and reliability of your electrical system, adds value to your home or business, and gives you peace-of-mind.

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A panel upgrade involves changing the electric panel equipment serving your home or business. The things that specifically change are the connections within the grid on the structure, the meter and all cables leading in and out of it, the distribution panel, which houses all the circuit breakers, and your grounding system.

Call us for an electrical panel upgrade quote or if you have specific questions regarding whether your home or business needs an upgrade.

Warning! If you’re considering doing some electrical work on your home, please heed this word of caution. Working on your electrical system can be extremely hazardous if you don't have proper experience and expertise. Electrical work is NOT for the novice do-it-yourselfer. While it’s certainly possible for an amateur to add an outlet or replace a light switch with a dimmer switch, doing much more probably means hiring a licensed electrician. We want you to be safe! Please give us a call and we would love to help.